We help our students to achieve the peak of concentration, logic development and creativity in them

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Mission and vision

The Medhaavi inspires community engagement and inclusive learning environments with the utilization of emerging technologies. We help our students to achieve the peak of concentration, logic development and creativity in them. Medhaavi is a team pledge to serve the knowledge to young learners.

Through our exclusive problem solving and elaborated teaching, we reflect growth in overall personality of the student. With learning abacus a child become more focus, concentrated and intellectual. The Medhaavi is an initiative to help young learners in their brain development by learning Abacus.

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Why do we exist?

We exist to provide the optimum mix of quality content, excellent teaching and latest technology for the students to learn, improve and grow. Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at The Medhaavi is to accelerate these transformations. We have Friendly and knowledgeable teachers

Online abacus classes worldwide

Regular tests and quizzes

Customized software and virtual abacus

Provide study material (hard copies as well as soft copies of books)

Reasonable fees

24*7 available and dedicated teachers

Provide constant motivation and boost confidence

Focus on overall development

Happy Stories

What parents say about The Medhaavi

My son Arwaan is enrolled in Abacus classes at The Medhaavi.

The teacher Pratibha Sauparna is very cooperative, hardworking and she delivers the online classes professionally at the same time friendly with kids. The classes are fully well planned. It is not only about abacus, kids ask riddles and share their small projects. Arwaan enjoys these classes a lot, it has built up his interest in Maths and he tries to solve question orally.  I am very happy with this online class during pandemic.  Thanks Pratibha for being a good and friendly teacher.


Mother of Arwaan


Mrs. Pinky Sharma

Mother of Madvan


Mrs. Swati Agrawal

Mother of Aarav


My son Shreshth Parashar  is enrolled in Abacus classes at The Medhaavi since last six months. My son has improved his mental ability a lot and his interest in maths as a subject has reach a new height. 

He is about to finish his level 2 now. His teacher Pratibha Sauparna is very cooperative and hardworking.  Along with Abacus, she introduce general maths topics which are essential as per the age group. I would like to thanks Pratibha for being a such a good hearted teacher as well as friend to my son. I would definitely recommend all to enroll for this wonderful course.

Preeti Parashar

Mother of Shreshth Parashar


Mr. Puneet Gupta

Father of Sanskriti


Shreyas Patel

Student at The Medhaavi



Teach on Software - Virtual Abacus

We provide online classes around the globe. We have very dedicated and self-motivated teachers who always encourage the students and provide them constant support to improve their mathematical abilities. We have our own customized software for virtual abacus and also provide study material accordingly. Along with Abacus, The Medhaavi provides a global platform to young students expressing themselves by small activities like storytelling, riddles. We also focus on brain stimulating activities like meditation that helps children to grasp things easily and faster.

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Queries and FAQ

Abacus education improves the skills of Visualization (photographic memory), Concentration, Listening Skills, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Creativity, Self Confidence, Self-Reliance resulting in Whole Brain Development

Child with age 4-14 years are best to learn abacus.

  • It boost confidence in child.
  • It improves the brain activities.
  • It help in learning maths and make it fun.

Complete course is divided in 9 levels, each level takes almost 3-4 months to complete.

These classes are being schedule at students’ convenience, generally two classes a week and each class takes one hour to complete.

Fee structure is as below:

For Indian students-Rs. 3000/- per level

For other students (any other country including Indians staying outside India)-Rs. 7000/- (Per Level)

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